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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Internship Report on United bank (UBL)2013


My objective is to develop the management skills. I had understood many skills about the (HR) department and some are these:

·         The main objective of studying the organization is to prepare the MBA internship report to be submitted to the Chairman Business Administration.
·         Improve personal skill i.e. organizational analysis, HR analysis.
·         Studying the organizational and HR set up of UBL
·         Conducting a diagnostic study of UBL HRD mechanism and strategy.
·         Evaluating working environment of the HR division.
·         Help develop concrete plans, including long term action plans, along with financial details.
·          Discover what I'm missing in my approach.
·         To define and follow a confident positive career direction using my most desirable skills doing work than excites me and enriches my soul.
·         Find my dream job.
·         To identify my strengths and passions in order to create a fulfilling and successful career.


The aim of an internship was to have the practical knowledge about the organizational working. The organization I selected to me for an internship was UBL Branch. Departments working in this building are Operations department, Credit department, Retail department, Government department an HR department. I accepted this task as a challenge and tried my best to explore & cover each and every aspect of UBL with in my 6 weeks internship.

This internship report covers many important aspects which are basically related with the operations and financial aspects of the bank.
From all of the departments following departments are covered mainly during my internship:

Ø  HR department
United Bank Limited providing the general banking services. United Bank Limited Pakistan currently has a wide network of branches inside the country and in all commercial centers of the world as well. Through this huge network of branches the Bank is providing all sorts of services that have become part of the modern banking. United Bank Limited Pakistan successfully adopts new innovations and new products, which are rapidly adding up in the product mix of banking industry The Bank is providing deposits facilities to more than five hundred thousand customers in the country and which is increasing day by the time.   

Deposit (Monthly Income account), which provides a monthly withdraw able return on the account And there is a National Income Daily account, carrying hybrid characteristics of saving and current accounts, distributes all profits on daily product basis to the account holders. The bank is trying to revolutionize the services that are provided over the counter and is working for an early change in all the branches of the bank. In the advances side the bank has been successful in deploying its resources in the best way in all commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors of the country. These advances have been increasing with the Increasing trade and commerce, and bank has been able to meet the requirements up to the maximum extent.    

 Internship Report on United bank

The introduction of a new set of services in shape of foreign currency accounts has further given a sharp rise in the banking field. This has made easy for the foreigners residing in Pakistan to be encouraged and make the inflow of foreign exchange. In the country more stable. I do the following work in bank. I observe especially HR activities as well as general activities in bank.


                        UBL money
UBL businessline
      UBL cashline
UBL Credit Card
UBL address
UBL drive
                   small business


                            UBL credit card
                            UBL e-statement
                            net banking
                            UBL wallet
                            UBL Online


                            UBL click n bank
                            UBL click n remit
                            UBL tezraftaar

          Foreign Currency Savings
            Foreign Currency Term Deposits Receipts
            Free Insurance Coverage for all UBL Account Holders
            PLS Saving Account
            PLS Regular Term Deposits Receipts
            Special Notice Deposits Receipts
            UBL Basic Banking Account - BBA
            UBL Business Partner
            UBL Profit
            UBL UniFlex
            Unclaimed Deposit


United Bank Limited is to make on environment, which have an understanding of reliability in the whole structure of the bank. With a strong financial base, a promising team and the right resources, United Bank Limited has proved to be a reliable partner indeed.  United Bank Limited understands the special needs of the business, trading and agricultural sectors. Strategically located branches in small towns and cities provide warm services and advice to the small businessmen and local traders.  United Bank Limited speaks their language; it understands their needs and provides tangible results. By responding in a timely manner with a flexible approach.  United Bank Limited provides its clients with the reliable financial service and support they require to successfully achieve their business objectives. With a solid foundation of over 50 years in Pakistan and having recently completed 10 successful years of privatization,   United Bank Limited is strongly positioned to lead the banking sector in the new millennium. You can feel safe in our hands. 

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